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September 10, 2007



I was in a meeting this week with some folks from a multi-billion dollar/year oil company who had recently implemented a BI solution from one of the large BI companies...it wasn't providing the "answer", or in Neal's words it wasn't able to aid the people in doing their work. Long story short, use said BI "solution" to extract and feed data into software package more suited for the job, the person's job.

I've seen first hand the frustrations of this new generation when faced to work in the established IT ways, and I can't help but think some thing has to change. Now back to instant messaging, texting, downloading music, reviewing my latest powertap file, and folding some laundry.

Neil Rdaen

Thanks, it's nice to know I'm not just shouting in the wilderness. In a way, though, this isn't a warning. It's just going to happen and some parties will benefit from it and some won't. But here is the delicious irony - you can't swing a dead cat by the tail in a BI company website without hitting the words "agile," "competitive" and "better decisions." But most of those companies are just as hidebound as their customers.


Steve Lute

This was driven home so forcefully by my son’s Dungeons and Dragons group. They were holding session at my home recently. In attendance were 7 young men and 5 computers. They had networked their laptops and were feverishly IMing, referencing online material, and sending e-mails all while playing a game that has been traditionally ‘brick and mortar’. I asked my son why they needed the PC’s. His exasperated response: ‘Dad, we just do.’ The technology was simply understood as part of their lives; as integrated as sight, and as useful to them as oxygen.

If we in business do not see this as the wave of the future…prepare to drown.

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