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March 02, 2008



Julie and Alena, you're both right on. Simple IS relative -- it's personal. There is no one-size-fits-all answer that's tractable for everyone. It's about what gives each person a connection, a sense of control, and good intuitive feedback -- because one thing is certainly common to the human condition...mistakes.


This is very subjective. Some people (I'm one of them, definitely) feel much more comfi with short and sweet equations where you sometimes have to memorize a thing or two and then never go through the whole lengthy process of solving and adding up the large equation together again. It does take less time, really. It's just a question of what you're more comfortable with. Same goes for business inteligence.

Julie, writer Surefirewealth.com

Your son seems to be very wise for his age. And he's also thinking of his classmates, too. Anyway, this is how the world has gone on to perceive the concepts short and simple. Simple, in my opinion, is relative. Even if the professor shortened the equation, if the students didn't understand how it came to be, they would end up having a harder time.

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