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March 29, 2009


Steve Christensen

You are absolutely correct: strategy is a habit.

As you have clearly stated the power of any organization is in the dirty part, where things get done: value is added, inventory is moved, customers are served. These components determine the current operating basis for any "strategy" and also serve as the lab for early opportunity detection.

Presently these thousands of people shaping the operating basis are thwarted in both their ability to increase awareness to reality and to detect opportunities or respond to threats. It isn't because there aren't sufficient tools to aid in communication - people still talk about and solve problems all the time. It is the inability of the systems to evolve and learn at a pace that encourages true gains in strategic advantage.

This has to happen at the execution, or doing, layer of the company so that the operating basis can adapt, adjust and improve systemically. It is where the thousands of workers shape the strategy and achieve the actual results. It is where early detection and response to changing market demand and regulation live.

Enterprise 1.0 (erp, best of breed, homegrown) solutions consolidated reporting and attempted to standardize the operating basis of companies. They accomplished the first goal while at the same time choking the operating basis nearly to death for many companies.

Enterprise 2.0 (not blogs, wiki's or social apps) build upon top of E1.0 systems. They do not interfere with existing cultural and system controls. Instead fostering a platform for continuous improvement of the operating basis of any company as well as an incubator for innovation and strategy development. In less than one week changes can be implemented to the operating basis of any business and the results measured before adjustments to the entire business are made. This agile approach to continuous improvement delivers the very strategy as habit environment you call for so well.

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