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January 17, 2010


Jafar Tabaian

People will inherently be against that which they do not understand. Traceability will be paramount in establishing trust and fostering collaboration.

scott davis

Re: [CircaSpecting: People, Tech, and Business] twitter.com/MarkFidelman submitted a comment to D-day Plan for Enterprise 2.0

Mark, Thanks for chiming in. I read your post, an its right on: enterprises like to measure stuff, so ent2 activities absolutely must be measured and reported. So, lets call that Analyzing Ent 2 Activity. Now, what about Ent2-ing Analytical Work? Thoughts?

Scott Davis
Lyzasoft, Inc.


Scott, I couldn't agree more with your Analytics assertion. I actually got into a long debate with Larry Hawes (Gilbane) and Christian Finn (Microsoft) about the merits of E2.0 analytics. Glad to see you pushing this forward.


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